This monograph contemplates the subject of coloristics through the author’s color model by Natali Yudina. The first part of the book unfolds the system of color matching, systemizes knowledge and unites complicated colors via conventional spectral circle into a new color model by looking into six lists based on the tint filters method by Natali Yudina. The second part discovers the intricacies of color harmonization and deepens knowledge on classic and non-classic harmonization schemes. The tint filters method creates new harmonization schemes which would be impossible to understand within the classical spectral color circle. The third part of the bookdescribes an innovative approach to the classification of human appearance – color types. Bright examples of each color group were analyzed and the algorithm of work with appearance coloring is deduced. This book would be of use to make-up artists, stylists, image makers and portrait painters as well as to a wide audience interested in color and human appearance color types. Studying spectral color circle helps systemizing one’s knowledge in regard to “clean”, “spectral” colors. While questions about “blind areas” will stay unanswered as we won’t see in the color circle what happens if we mix violet and green or when and where will green and orange cross each other. There is no answer about what happens if we add red into green and vice versa. Where do brown and beige belong in the spectral color circle and how to get a bottle-green color with paints? We were looking for the answer but could not find it and there have been a lot of questions related to color even though there are many color models – circles, spheres and other volume figures as well as several methods of work with color and color types.

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Book coloristics for stylists